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  Policy and Procedures

A. General tries to conform our policies and procedures to stay in step with statutes and regulations of the Attorney General in particular the: Residential Tenancies Act. An updated copy of the act is available at: If you notice conflicting information with respect to the act please contact us so we can update our documents. reserves the right to change this document at any time without warning. By visiting this site you agree to the terms and changes of terms listed on the website; If you disagree a written formal request in required within 30 days of noticing the change of policy. If no formal response is received within that time frame you are considered to be in agreement with the changes. Please note your Internet IP address at the time to verify your claim cannot be held responsible for damages from, a) not checking this website frequently, and b)damages that result from using our services. This website should be bookmarked and visited on a regular basis. For an updated copy of this document visit:

1. Billing Policy

Rent payment is due on the first of the month. If payment is not received in full before the end of business hours it is deemed late and subject to a $45.00 late fee. A invoice will be sent for the late payment and the service fee. If no payment or arrangement is made with management in writing within 7 business days eviction will be sought out and your case will be sent to Landlord and Tenant Board. A $150 is applied on your account if this action is taken.

All unpaid accounts after 14 business days will be sent to collection and / or small claims court in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Notice will be served in good timing.

After one business day when payment is not received internet, TV, washing machine services, and phone will be limited. After 7 days have passed TV and internet service will be suspended. A reconnection fee of $25 will apply. After 1 month has passed TV, Internet, and Phone will be disabled. A reconnection fee of $90 applies.

All checks must be sent in advance of the due date. Checks must be received and cleared by the due date. Domestic checks take up to 7 business days to clear all over checks can take up to a month.

Check are to be issued to who you regularly

2. Privacy Policy

All information collected for screening and applications is kept in confidence and is not sold to third parties. Your information is subject to disclosure if the following occur:

  • Where subject by law (IE: warrant)
  • information sent to the court system or to a collection agency

Your personal information if kept in a secure fashion to prevent theft. You will be notified in writing immediately if this security has been compromised. Tbayrentals and Eric Madej and not held responsible for damages incurred because of this.

3. Rental Property Rules

  • No Smoking inside any part of the homes. If caught you will be responsible for steam cleaning all furniture and repainting of the ceilings affected as warranted by management.
  • Using nails to hang items is strictly prohibited. The use of non marking mounting technologies is the only way accepted.
  • Internet is to be used in accordance of the law. Excessive usage IE: P2P programs like KaZaA will result in the banning of the computer or device causing the problem. Charges will be incurred. A Service fee of $45 will be applied to re-instate you MAC address.

4. Phone Policy

  • Long Distance is free to anywhere in North America with the exception of several small towns. International calling is not free you will be billed at the end of the month for use. Rates are competitive request information about rate or waive you right to dispute charges.
  • Phone Services are to be used for personal use only.
  • Information such as call history, incoming and/or outgoing call quality recordings and other logged information by the VOIP servers is stored in a secure fashion are not available for public viewing. Information is only accessible through a Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act request. Such requests are accepted only in writing. You agree to the terms and policies of but using the phone service.
  • 911 Services are limited on VOIP networks such as the ones used at

By using the phone service located at property owned by users agree to waive their rights to compensation or seeking legal action against or it's affiliates in the event of failure with the above mentioned system. and it's affiliates are not responsible for any losses economic or non-economic (personal, medical) as a direct result from using services and/or not being able to use our services.

There is a limit of 1000 incoming minutes on the toll free number. After it will be billed at $0.06 per minute incoming.

5. Eco Policy

  • There is a limit of one (1) garbage bag of garbage per week. Tenants are required to use recycling and when possible use the composter for food products. Any messes inside or outside, damages as a result of not composting will result in immediate billing to clean/repair areas affected my tenants neglect. Garbage and recycling should be secured and divided up using appropriate securing devices and the use of colors as mentioned here or by the by-laws set by the City of Thunder Bay.
  • During colder weather the opening of windows and leaving outside door open excessively will result in charges for excess heat costs. To determine this averages will be used provided by the Government of Canada. Charges are payable immediately.
  • Use of water if found excessive will result in a service fee.

6. Appointments and Viewings

Booking an appointment with requires respect from both sides; you are valued customer and One would think common manners are a given but clearly this is not the case. It is required that you call at least two (2) hours before the appointment on the day of. If no call is received your appointment is deemed cancelled. This will have a negative impact on future consideration for terms at

This policy is also set to reduce costs for the company thereby letting us continue to offer valued added rental properties.

7. Application Process

All information submitted through rental applications are kept in a secure manner for ten (10) years after which the information is digitally erased. No paper copies of the applications are kept. By submitting online you agree to the above and understand the nature of the internet, hardware, and human errors in terms of keeping files, keeping files secure, erasing files, processing of applications., or associated third parties cannot promise, give assurances or any of the kind on the safety and security of said information.

An application fee of $35.00 is required to process an application. This fee if tenancy is approved and accepted is subtracted off of your second month's rent. This is a non-refundable fee. Proceeds are used to verify your application with third party services. Applications are not processed until payment is received and the funds have cleared. Knowingly submitting incorrect, misleading, false or "stolen" personal information is fraud and your tenancy will be rejected, or if already in residing here your tenancy will be terminated immediately or as defined in the Residential Tenancies Act.

A copy of the act can be found at:

All information on our website is logged and any fraudulent submissions will be forwarded to local, provincial, and federal law enforcement agencies. does not discriminate against any renters. Every application is handled individually. Credit information is not solely used to accept a rental application. We understand that the credit system is flawed but it is used here more as an indicator to establish, and verify your identity. Please note a valid Ontario Drivers License Number and SIN number is required for online application. This allows us to offer extra layers of security to reduce the chances of identity theft. Please do not apply online if you do not have these types of identification and contact us for a paper application.

8. Moving in when and if renovations are involved reserves the right to move tenants into temporary living arrangements due to renovations that are required to upgrade units to minimum legal standards or as requested at the start of the tenancy. Tenants will be moved back into the suite when basic requirements of the tenancy are met as defined by law and the lease agreements. Minor upgrades will continue during normal business hours. All attempts will be made to speed up the process but no assurances can be made due to the nature of construction, inspections, and contractor timetables. These upgrades will be complete when safety factor is met which in most cases is 2 levels higher than the minimum required by building code. This standard is up to the interpretation of only.

We reserve the right to change this policy without notice. Bookmark this site and check for updates on a regular basis. If you need a paper version of this please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

9. Policy regarding heating

Heating in the units are offered between Sept 15 till May 15. The system is then turned to fan or cool at the end of May. Tenants are encouraged to use space heaters during transition times where the temperature rises and falls quickly such as in the Fall and Spring time. These space heaters are not provided by nor is the excess electricity cost over the defined limits.

In the event that the primary heating source is compromised or renovations / maintenance is being completed which requires the primary heating source to be supplemented for auxiliary sources the tenant’s defined limit still apply for the energy cost regardless there is a difference in cost per unit of heat generated. For example if gas heating is changed to electric heating additional costs per unit of heat if any are not reimbursed to the tenant. The tenant is responsible for upward market price changes in the utilities. Limits do not change upwardly in the event of an upward change in utilities.

10. Wireless Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy

Bandwidth is limited to 3 GB download and 2 GB upload per MAC address upto a limit of 1 MAC address per room in suite. After this limit has been reached your internet access will be limited and/or disabled based on MAC addresses. The speed for the free internet access is also limited by a QOS engine. During times of high use free internet users will experience a reduction is throughput. To avoid this limit a service charge of $5 per month per MAC address is required.

No security can be guaranteed while using internet access offered by Use at your own risk. All computers connected to the network should have appropriate anti-virus and adware protection installed on their system. is not responsible for any damages or economic loss as a result from using our internet services or being unable to access our internet services. Due to the unstable nature of the internet in Northern Ontario, service can be interrupted for up to 24-48 hours without notice due to unexpected network outage. Use of the Services for any activity that violates Local, Provincial, Federal or International law, is a violation of the acceptable use agreement and your access to the network will be disabled.

In such cases where internet access is disabled/limited for breach of the above agreement no economic compensation will be refunded to the user.

Last Updated Feb 15 2017